Freeport 2

Aka Montefrank. Aka Builders. Men jeg tror vi går for Freeport 2.

Oppsummering fra sesjoner.

Her er blurben som liksom er introen til kampanjen:

Sir Navid Prestus – Mostly, an architect.

Navid is the cliché of an half-elf bastard. Born of the human Driceppa Dellanotte (Queen of the city-state of MonteFrank) and the passing by elven bard, Silvio “Finefingers” Mudr. Navid was of course immedialtely recognized as a bastard, as King Viktor Haml too is human, and so scheduled for execution after the customary 13-day wait (Law of Things: something rather nasty happens to the slayer of a newly born humanoid).

However, on the 12th day, Navid went missing. Kidnapped maybe. 24 years later he reappears and opens a shop in MonteFrank, under his real name. King Viktor is informed, but much to the courts surprise, he ignores the issue.

Navid turns out to be a very charming person, and his shop deals in architecture. Most of the stuff he draws himself, but some drawings is obviously done by others. His business thrives and he needs more hands. But instead of hiring professionals he takes the elven approach; long term. He opens a school for orphans. All kids are welcome and get food in return for their study efforts. The slackers and the ungifted are gradually filtered away, and the promising ones are allowed to keep going.

This is where our PCs come in. They are among the promising ones, and have attended Navids School of Building since they were 8. They are now 20 years old, level 5, journeymen and have maxed out one of the following profession skills: Architect, engineer, carpenter, mason, miner or fine artist. Also, Navid does not believe in a narrow career, so all his more promising students have had opportunity to learn skills of fighting, clergy, stealth or magic.

Navid is a very charming guy, and expert at both teaching and keeping a team together. The PCs feel they owe him alot, maybe everything, for rescuing them from the slums and giving them the opportunity to excel.

Navid, however, is not off the hook. The Artisans Guild is giving him an increasingly hard time for not being a member. And unprotected by the guild, he regularly suffers extortion and burglary…

Our PCs are professionals in construction, yes, but also able to help their master out in his current situation. Will their first assigntment be handling the construction of the new tavern at Rofl Square? Or will they get dirty, and clash with the thugs sent by the Guild? One of those jobs sound easier than the other, but hey?! Welcome to the adventure of construction!


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